Shellfish bottle opener $35

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Long Hours and Twilight Dreams – Currently 8 pages

Tools – an interlude  Long Hours and Twilight Dreams – Currently 8 pages ..That night… …Some Time After…    

Hand forged Sure-Grip Bottle Opener

Available in the AAAPB etsy store. A one of a kind and artistic bottle opener forged by hand, hammer, hearth– Arm and eye. Unlike some of my bottle openers I’ll never make another styled… Continue reading

Mini Unicorn Horn Bottle Opener

Buy one on etsy!

Socket Wrench forged into bottle opener.

I’ve been dabbling with some bottle openers from wrenches and socket wenches.. er wrenches. I’m a po-boy shade tree sort so I aim to err on the side of caution. When an unknown sort… Continue reading

The Shellfish and Beer Opener

As I Talk To Myself

In trying to live an examined life- I’ve had to ask myself “of all the things I’m capable of making- why such a focus on bottle openers?” The world doesn’t need another- I could say… Continue reading

Long hours and twilight dreams- AAAPB sketching

Making a bottle opener

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