Talk like a pirate day. And Bottle openers.

Ahoy! You may or may not be aware.. but we’re pirate people. Now I’m not for all the rapein’ an piligin’ we’re usually associated with. Ye be thinkin’ what be a pirate if ‘e ain’t robbin’ lasses of their booty an stealin’ everythin’ that ain’t tied down?
Freedom.. well to me alas pirates were only moderately scurvier or doggier than those sanctioned sailin’ men. And they often had more rights, ‘ell women were know to turn to the less than noble trade of piracy. Sure there were rules, but the sea.. twas often a satiable alternative to tyranny. That is my way of seein’ it anyway.
The pirate Lafitte was an American hero of sorts who just so happened to be co-proprietor of a blacksmith shop. Aye.. I’m at least third in a list of notable pirate blacksmiths, but Will Turner the barnacled belly-acher wasn’t even a real person!

I’ve never talked about it ‘ere but we actually had a pirate themed weddin’ where I made many of the cutlery and some of the decor early in me blacksmithin’ career.

Avast! Look at that captin’ of my heart Captin’ Redd my love an’ my mateys.
..They’re a motley crew of all types the lot of ’em and the best friends and family I could hope for!

So today ye should remember the five “A’s” as ye talk like a pirate. An dress like one too if yer’ ‘eart desires. ‘ell even drink like a pirate if ye be of age. An’ always remember to stay young at heart no matter how old ye get. Takin’ life to seriously will only get ye missin’ the ocean for all the waves so to speak.

Check out thepiratebay and download the new album by Ye Banished Privateers they’ve chosen to give it away at a fittin’ source. It’s good ‘ol pirate folk Irish punk.. what ever that be.. They give just a wee bit o’ advice for today on grog:

I’ve started doin’ skulls a bit differently these days. Even working on gettin’ the crossbones in there.
A bottle opener doesn’t have to look like a bottle opener.
I wish I got a picture of it before I gifted it. But alas, twas the last thing on my mind. Here it is almost complete.

-Pirate Greg

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