A small patternwelded desk-knife/letter opener

I forged this at his request.

Pattern welded 1084/15n20
Pattern welded 1084/15n20
Pattern welded 1084/15n20
steel billet
Getting ready to forge weld!
twisting pattern weld
twisting pattern weld

I hope you enjoy seeing it come alive!

Music by: Mr. Peter Biedermann “The Uncommon Man” (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Peter_Biedermann/)

Helpful links for the DIY blacksmith/bladesmith:
Heat treating 1084 thanks to Mr. Cashen – http://www.knivesby.com/knifemaking-Kevin-Cashen-treating-1084.html

Tool and knife steel from “The NJ Steel Barron” Mr. Aldo Bruno – http://newjerseysteelbaron.com/

Parks 50 Thanks to Mr. Kelly Cupples

Temperatures can be inexpensively tested with tempsticks. I get mine from markingpendepot.com.

3 thoughts on “A small patternwelded desk-knife/letter opener

  1. Nice Job Pirate! What’s not to like – you aren’t going to make to star patterns overnight. Not sure how the ball peen action affected your outcome, but I don’t know squat about making patterns. Maybe you could explain that later on. Thanks! keep up the good work.


    1. Well I the ends of the bar I forged were just alternating high carbon steel stacked and welded. The middle of the bar was twisted. So when I decided to make the knife I chose to use the twisted section in the handle and the end of the bar for the blade.
      As long as I used a flat hammer across the whole blade.. the layers would have just got thinner. The cross peen when it creates a divot.. it stretched the outside layer materiel along the boundaries of that divot. then using the flat hammer it just mushed the area around the divot down.

      It’s the same reason I forged the blade so thick.. so when I ground away edge material it’d be like cutting a deck of playing cards down the middle at an angle.

      The ladder pattern is a simple pattern that is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Google it and it’ll really get you thinking. Take care, and thanks for asking! I love explaining this stuff and I learn as much through explaining as I do working sometimes!


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