More power.

I’ve been busy. As always– I’ve been working on new tools. You can never seem to have enough.
I’m welding up my power hammer, not like this, but I wanted to share it anyway. I’ve ogled it for a while. A bit antiquated, but none the less I bet it was top-notch for a small shop.. at least in its own day..

Blacker power hammer (Photo isn't mine, but preserved for educational purposes.)
Blacker power hammer
(Not mine- preserved from an ended ebay auction for educational purposes.)

I’ve found a new artist blacksmith to follow. BobbyT keeps an interesting blog over at blogspot.

A random fun links:
Old power hammer info from over at NEBS
самодельный кузнечный

7 thoughts on “More power.

      1. I want to, I know how, but live in a community that is too urban and would frown upon it…. unless I built a soundproof shed around it perhaps………… okay, power hammer and fireproof/sound proof booth are next on my supply list


      2. I recently build a small press that while loud isn’t as horrible as a hammer. Fairly affordable something you may have seen similarly. Consider checking out the AAA PirateBlacksmith Forgery facebook page for photo’s of the build and a short video. I’ll post a blog entree eventually after I finish playing with tooling.


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