Fire Pattern Welded Hunter

Last year before father’s day I was asked to make a knife. It would be given as a gift…
This is what I came up with. 15n20 and 1084 tool steels were used to forge the blade blank. Forged copper around the ricasso. Real-tree cloth micarta over curly maple made the handle. The sheath is thin leather with a real-tree cloth micarta shell. Both the handle and sheath were sealed along possible trouble spots with rino-glue. Followed by a few complete coats of a minwax brand hard-coat that took a nice shine when buffed.
firedamascus 1 firedamascus 3 firedamascus 2firepattern

Devolution of my take on a kiridashi














I haven’t posted in a while. Still been working on lots of stuff, but just haven’t been able to take photo’s or write as often as I would enjoy being able to. Ashley and I have welcomed a new crew member! Dale is a wonder and a highlight of everyday. Keep an eye out for more changes to come. – Greg

A small patternwelded desk-knife/letter opener

I forged this at his request.

Pattern welded 1084/15n20
Pattern welded 1084/15n20
Pattern welded 1084/15n20
steel billet
Getting ready to forge weld!
twisting pattern weld
twisting pattern weld

I hope you enjoy seeing it come alive!

Music by: Mr. Peter Biedermann “The Uncommon Man” (

Helpful links for the DIY blacksmith/bladesmith:
Heat treating 1084 thanks to Mr. Cashen –

Tool and knife steel from “The NJ Steel Barron” Mr. Aldo Bruno –

Parks 50 Thanks to Mr. Kelly Cupples

Temperatures can be inexpensively tested with tempsticks. I get mine from

Hooks n’ Hangers are happening!

I finished up my hooks project. I think the Lee’s were very happy, they bought all the hooks I made! I’m going to get a picture of the lamps mounted at some point I hope. I’m really proud of the second pair of hooks I made. I took some photo’s of the near finished products, but I wish I had time to take more! I need to adjust one still close up the bends on the flat mounting part that looks like an upside down heart.

I’ve been working on my large knife blue print a little bit at a time. It’s coming along nicely it’ll look really good when finished I think I’ve got to finish up my Damascus blade soon too.


Time to make the donuts.. err cutlass

I woke up this morning and on my way to the coffee maker I could have sworn I saw a familiar face walking by me muttering about the donuts. (I’m not even old enough to remember that commercial, how did it become part of my pop-culture memory bank) Hehe burning the candle at both ends is worth it though!

I can’t wait to share the finished product!
I’ve also got another rose in the works. Wish me luck when I get back to it!


Bottle opener self defense tool.

This little spike bottle opener has a nasty point that you want to stay on the right side of!