Fire Pattern Welded Hunter

Last year before father’s day I was asked to make a knife. It would be given as a gift…
This is what I came up with. 15n20 and 1084 tool steels were used to forge the blade blank. Forged copper around the ricasso. Real-tree cloth micarta over curly maple made the handle. The sheath is thin leather with a real-tree cloth micarta shell. Both the handle and sheath were sealed along possible trouble spots with rino-glue. Followed by a few complete coats of a minwax brand hard-coat that took a nice shine when buffed.
firedamascus 1 firedamascus 3 firedamascus 2firepattern

More power.

I’ve been busy. As always– I’ve been working on new tools. You can never seem to have enough.
I’m welding up my power hammer, not like this, but I wanted to share it anyway. I’ve ogled it for a while. A bit antiquated, but none the less I bet it was top-notch for a small shop.. at least in its own day..

Blacker power hammer (Photo isn't mine, but preserved for educational purposes.)
Blacker power hammer
(Not mine- preserved from an ended ebay auction for educational purposes.)

I’ve found a new artist blacksmith to follow. BobbyT keeps an interesting blog over at blogspot.

A random fun links:
Old power hammer info from over at NEBS
самодельный кузнечный

St. George’s Day demo

I had a grand time helping out Solvar at the St. George’s Day demonstration at Lafayette Village.
I even got to display and vend some stuffs from the forge.

Several leaf and hart key chains.
Several leaf and heart key chains.
Rose paper weights.
Rose paper weights.
A tripod with hooks for cooking or flower pots close up on the hooks
A tripod with hooks for cooking or flower pots close up on the hooks
A tripod with hooks for cooking or flower pots
A tripod with hooks for cooking or flower pots
S-hooks and a heart horseshoe wall mount.
S-hooks and a heart horseshoe wall mount and a few j-hooks.
Some fire place tools were there for display only.
Some fire-place tools already sold were there for display only.

Cable welded jewlery

Forge welded cable jewelry.
Forge welded cable jewelry.
Forge welded cable jewelry.
Forge welded cable jewelry.
Forge welded cable jewelry.
Forge welded cable jewelry.
With only a light etch barely highlighting the strands of steel.
With only a light etch barely highlighting the strands of steel.

A few months back I welded up a bunch of steel cable and forged this little bracelet. I’ve made a few more since. This one is still my favorite.

Happy holidays!

A bearded sea Barron who bares a slight resemblance to a young St. Nick has been bashing out frames for Christmas lights.
Being the scraggly pirate Blacksmith I am.. making some really cool things out of metal is the best way to spend the holidays.. you may know I love working with steel. If festive decoration is your thing “The Holiday light store” carries lots of fun stuff like Santa shimmying down a chimney (animated legs a flailing), reindeer, castles, planes, trains and helicopters… dolphins and pumpkins with Santa hats, presents, golf clubs (Yes!), Santa’s and elves of every variety.. Dinosaurs… a horse, candy of all sorts and more! You’ve got to see it. Even a whole wild west town complete with jail, church, saloon, bank and stables. Custom pieces to boot. Check out the website – The Holiday Light Store! Those of you in the NC area be sure to visit Hill Ridge Farms for their festival of lights.

Joy to the World
Joy to the World
Statue of liberty
Statue of liberty
Musical notes
Musical notes

misc5 misc4 dragon 3d-star fish castle peace china joy to the world whodat crawfish pot hearts misc2 misc merry christmas reef barn moose the king

Another masive project was this 3 piece extinct herbivore
Another massive project was this 3 piece extinct herbivore
Designing a making dinosaurs has been a real highlight for me
Designing a making dinosaurs has been a real highlight for me
I didn't do it
I didn’t do it
Playing around
Playing around a bit with candy cane parts



Swinging the ol' ball pien
Swinging the ol’ ball pien
The deer making jig.
The deer making jig.
I felt patriotic.
I felt patriotic.
Merry Pumpkins!
Merry Pumpkins!

I got to help out around the forge and anvil at the Joel lane house again this month for their Christmas open house
Joel lane house Christmas open house
Solvar, Erica and I demonstrated flint striker forging and heat treating.
Solvar’s advice to new smiths.

All is fair in NC. (2012 State Fair)

So I’ve been abnormally busy lately learning to do something a bit new for me. I hope to talk more about it soon.. But the NC state fair wasn’t so long ago!
Several NCABANA members and I were all there demonstrating blacksmithing for record numbers of people. It was an awful lot of fun. I made some neat things, even tried some new projects I hadn’t practiced before and let a crowd watch as I scratched my head and struggled with learning a new item or two. We answered many questions and maybe even inspired a few people young and old to take a more active interest in the craft.. But mostly I made and sold leaves and bottle openers oh, and my favorite change of pace.. leaf bottle openers..
Check out the art inspired by the experience in the Pirate Blacksmith webcomic

I’m in the background probably about to burn myself or a lucky audience

Hooks, hearts, and horseshoe heart hooks

A lot of my writing and how-to stuff has sat on the back burner. With the NC state fair coming up I’ve been busy with projects big and small here are a few of the small heart themed ones.

The horseshoe heart wall hooks are fun to make and look neat to me.
It’s great for hanging your keys on or other small items.
I’ve got a more complex heart project in the works but these are some of the different hearts I’ve been making.
Some are heart-shaped wall hooks, most are heart key chains.
And I’ve even been making lanyard or key chain heart self defense tools.
A close up of the hook perfect to hang your keys on.
This a picture of the welding a key chain. It starts as a simple forge weld.

Talk like a pirate day. And Bottle openers.

Ahoy! You may or may not be aware.. but we’re pirate people. Now I’m not for all the rapein’ an piligin’ we’re usually associated with. Ye be thinkin’ what be a pirate if ‘e ain’t robbin’ lasses of their booty an stealin’ everythin’ that ain’t tied down?
Freedom.. well to me alas pirates were only moderately scurvier or doggier than those sanctioned sailin’ men. And they often had more rights, ‘ell women were know to turn to the less than noble trade of piracy. Sure there were rules, but the sea.. twas often a satiable alternative to tyranny. That is my way of seein’ it anyway.
The pirate Lafitte was an American hero of sorts who just so happened to be co-proprietor of a blacksmith shop. Aye.. I’m at least third in a list of notable pirate blacksmiths, but Will Turner the barnacled belly-acher wasn’t even a real person!

I’ve never talked about it ‘ere but we actually had a pirate themed weddin’ where I made many of the cutlery and some of the decor early in me blacksmithin’ career.

Avast! Look at that captin’ of my heart Captin’ Redd my love an’ my mateys.
..They’re a motley crew of all types the lot of ’em and the best friends and family I could hope for!

So today ye should remember the five “A’s” as ye talk like a pirate. An dress like one too if yer’ ‘eart desires. ‘ell even drink like a pirate if ye be of age. An’ always remember to stay young at heart no matter how old ye get. Takin’ life to seriously will only get ye missin’ the ocean for all the waves so to speak.

Check out thepiratebay and download the new album by Ye Banished Privateers they’ve chosen to give it away at a fittin’ source. It’s good ‘ol pirate folk Irish punk.. what ever that be.. They give just a wee bit o’ advice for today on grog:

I’ve started doin’ skulls a bit differently these days. Even working on gettin’ the crossbones in there.
A bottle opener doesn’t have to look like a bottle opener.
I wish I got a picture of it before I gifted it. But alas, twas the last thing on my mind. Here it is almost complete.

-Pirate Greg

Yates mill demo

I had a fun time this weekend attending an event at Yates Mill in Raleigh with Solvarr! There was good food, lots of corn talk and music. If you’ve never been there, the lake is beautiful and the mill is a marvel.

The highlight of my day was getting to help out around the forge. I demonstrated how I make one piece steel roses.

I wish I had a photo of me working, but sadly I forgot to ask. If Ashley was there’ she’d have taken twice as many photographs. Alas I love to swing a hammer not take pictures. She’s been busy lately and has even started he own blog!

With out further adieu Yates Mill:

I love places like this.
The first thing I wanted to do was to look at how the water wheel ran.
Water was controlled via a steel level. I’d have loved to see this part forged!


The water wheel.


Here is a better shot. You can hardly tell the hurricane nearly destroyed this area in 1996.


Some of the surrounding buildings were neat. I enjoy old wagon wheels.


I know I can’t be the only one fascinated my bits of old machinery!
Am I?.. yeah guess you’d have to be there. This stuff was neat to examine.
Solvarr had his forge set up, and that was my main reason for going. A couple of other folks helped out and it was nice talking shop and seeing how others work!


I didn’t bring a lot of my stuff, but I brought some stuff to sell, most of the neat stuff isn’t mine =P
These bellows are just really fun to work with.
All in all I had a ton of fun, and it was nice to sit back and enjoy some music near the end of the day.

You can see a great picture of the mill drive system here. And the inside here. It’s nice to see the past still present.