As I Talk To Myself

In trying to live an examined life- I’ve had to ask myself “of all the things I’m capable of making- why such a focus on bottle openers?”

The world doesn’t need another- I could say that the sole reason- Is quintessentially in what art is when fully distilled to it’s most volatile- “Unnecessary”. Perhaps the choice is symbolic- Homage to, and a weapon against, the daemons that possess my mind, body and soul- Most likely it’s: Pointless; Frivolous; Self-indulgence. Calling it art sounds less obscene. Perhaps calling it a niche that begs to be filled is a lie, but it’s certainly a desirable one. The lie as much or more than the niche. The game more than the void.

I create to make. I make to create. And I love what I do.

A Preview of an Upcoming Forged-Art Bottle Opener.